Clouds at Westham Island (25-6-35-c)

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Thank you for considering the acquisition of my work.

Please contact Michael Easton either by email or phone (604-988-3532) or skype (michael.easton50) to discuss your print and framing requirements.

To Initiate an order, choose a selection of images from the galleries by clicking the white boxes beneath each image. On your last image of choice, either choose the Interactive Frame link to consider framing options for works on paper or click the View link for editing your choices in the Viewing Room. From here you can send your selections and any comments to Michael. He can then answer any questions and produce a quotation, if desired. To enable shipping charges to be determined please include your postal code.

In addition to Michael Easton's work on fine art paper, he also is able to offer his work on canvas and fused into tempered glass (see below).

We ship goods professionally packaged or crated by ground or by air. Delivery is guaranteed.

Interactive Framing Room

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Print Size (inches)

Matted - Finished Size (in.)

Framed – Finished Size (in.)

11 x 14.75

21.5 x 23.25

22.5 x 24.25

16 x 21.5

28.5 x 32

29.5 x 33

20 x 24

32.5 x 34.5

33.5 x 35.5

26 x 36

32 x 40

33 x 41

30 x 44

36 x 48

37 x 49

42 x 56

42 x 56

46 x 60

58 x 84

58 x 84

64 x 90

Vertical Format

Print Size (inches)

Matted - Finished Size (in.)

Framed – Finished Size (in.)

14.75 x 11

25.25 x 19.5

26.25 x 20.5

21.5 x 16

34 x 26.5

35 x 27.5

24 x 20

36.5 x 30.5

37.5 x 31.5

36 x 26

42 x 30

43 x 31

42 x 32

48 x 36

49 x 37

56 x 42

56 x 42

60 x 46

84 x 58

84 x 58

90 x 64

Print Protection

Fine Art Paper Prints - Production

Fine Art Canvas Prints - Production

Glass Prints - A Unique Product

These are very unique art pieces that can be displayed both by front lighting and back lighting. The back lighting creates a very magical effect that can transform the image. The image is actually fused right into the glass during the tempering stage and is essentially permanent - even if displayed outdoors in direct sunlight. The glass prints can be framed with regular moldings offered in the Interactive Framing Room or we can drill the glass prior to printing to enable the use of metal standoffs for a frameless display. The prints can also be inset into the wall with back lighting - a very effective display option. Ask Michael about the availability of edge lit LED light sheets for the lighting.

We can produce glass prints up to approximately 5'x7' in a variety of glass thicknesses

Glass Prints - Production and Characteristics

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